Mobile email

Mobile Email

Our systems are compatible with all current mobile phones including many iPhone and Android models. The set-up wizards change regularly as Apple, Samsung, Google, and other vendors modernize their systems to incorporate more user features. As a result there is no single installation process.

Set-up Overview

This general process should work for most phones.
  1. Connect to WiFi or a stable cellular data network.
  2. Open the Add a new account wizard in your Phone's settings.
  3. Select Exchange as the type of account. This is not an Outlook.com or other cloud account.
  4. Select Configure Manually if you are asked to "Sign into your Exchange account using Microsoft?"
  5. Provide your email address and password.
  6. Provide this additional information when prompted.

  7. Servermail.rti-llc.com
    User namef.last

  8. The wizard should verify your information once you provide this information. If necessary you can provide these alternate entries to explicitly select the server hosting your mailbox excorp3.rti-llc.com or excorp4.rti-llc.com.
  9. After it verifies your Exchange account information, you will be asked to confirm the installation. Apple iPhones will have to select Mail, Contacts, Calendars, Reminders, and Notes.
  10. Android devices will provide similar options and additional Android warnings that Exchange account information is managed by the administrators of the Exchange servers and that they can delete this information. Accept this warning and allow the account to be installed.
  11. When asked, do not delete or replace your existing Calendars or Contacts. The new Exchange Contacts and Calendars will be added as separate options.


We are glad to assist with your mobile phone configuration questions. For support call or email.