Outlook and Outlook Anywhere Setup

Away from the Company Network

If you are installing your Exchange account on a non-domain workstation, your account will still auto-configure using the Active Directory and DNS autodiscover service. Just follow these simple steps.

  1. Close Outlook. You cannot install an Exchange account with Outlook opened.
  2. Open the Mail Control Panel. You can use an existing profile or add a new one if this is your first account.
  3. Outlook
  4. Start the add an Exchange account wizard.
  5. Outlook
  6. Enter your Display name exactly in this format: Last, First M. since the wizard will search for your mailbox in active directory and these are stored by Display name.
  7. Enter your email address: first.last@rti-llc.com
  8. Enter your password.
  9. Outlook
  10. The wizard will find your mailbox and attempt to log-in using your email address as a User-ID which will fail since we use a separate user-ID.
  11. Correct the User-ID in the pop-up to: CORP\f.last and re-enter your password.
  12. Outlook
  13. The server will complete the set-up and will give you pop-ups each of which you must accept. Accept the certificate for autodiscover.rti-llc.com.
  14. Outlook Outlook
  15. Allow mail.rti-llc.com or excorp3.rti-llc.com or excorp4.rti-llc.com to configure your account.
  16. Acknowledge that the new account will create a new Inbox and Calendar.
  17. Open Outlook and re-enter your password. Check the box for Outlook to remember it.
  18. Outlook
  19. If you run into problems, verify that the proxy settings were correctly configured by the wizard.
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